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  1. Hello,

    I was born with an adrenal condition called CAH which makes me an intersexed individual. I have had to endure many surgeries to “fix” my genitals as a child. Even told to “dilate” my vagina as early as 11 years by board certified doctors. I’ve suffered with gender identity issues, self esteem issues, but thank god I never had any issues regarding my attraction to other women. But still coming out to people and being accepted in society can still be a challenge.

    It took me two decades and gaining over 260lbs to become a 400lb person to finally love my body, my soul, my (reshaped) clitoris, my (synthetically created) vagina, my breasts AND my beard!

    It saddens me to see so many women think of their vaginas as gross still. I’ve had mine cut, sewn, and stitched several times and it still doesn’t look like a “standard” one. When i began dating women, i’d find myself just looking at the vulvas. not in a sexual way, but in an admiration way. They were all so beautiful to me. I would wish mine looked like theirs. Tp date i’ve never seen an ugly vulva. So ladies please believe me when i say. Vulvas as beautiful works of art. If you still don’t believe me. Go visit my website and in my portfolio go to paintings. You will see examples of vulvas that were turned into beautiful works of art.

    much love


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